Son #1


My son started his first basketball practice yesterday.  I know we started a little bit late in the game, but its tough when you have 3 kids to put into sports, the money sure does add up. So this season in our lives we have chosen to start a little slow and put one child at a time into a sport.
So with this in mind we knew he needed new shoes, enter our trip to the shoe stores. Our first trip was to Payless that was where the hubby wanted to go. We looked around checked his shoe size and did not see any shoes we liked, so we went to the next shoe store on the list- Famous footwear.
While there my husband took my son to the boys’ shoes while I carefully looked at all the boots that were on clearance, didn’t see anything worth spending $60-70on. I headed back to where the guys were and they found converse high tops,while trying to convince the son that he would look cool wearing them and that dad wore them when he played ball in school, he went on stating that they would have looked cool in the ‘old’ days, but we are in the ‘new’ days now! *What is he trying to get at anyway? * We did not get the converse after all but we still need to pick up some shoes for him, so the only shoe store left on the shopping strip was Ross.
I really like Ross and Marshall’s, you can find great deals and an assortment of selections. My husband really detests going into that store, but it was our last option and we needed to go home after that. I went strait to the boys section, scoping out the perfect high top and then I saw them $20 and the perfect size, I knew it was a good idea to come to this store! Now the son will be sporting the Filas.

Thank you Ross!!