Son #3
This past weekend we went grocery shopping for lunch and snack items for school, once again, when we rounded the corner in the bread isle we saw… the cheese balls. Can you say ooh!
I haven’t seen these babies for a while so I assume they may have been out of stock for the season. I have not actually ever bought the cheese ball but have been in presence of them in the past so I know what they taste like. This time we had a little breathing room in the budget so we decided to plop them into the cart. My son was drooling. We continued our shopping to the other side of Costco, you know the frozen section, and while walking the isles to see what else was on the list, a couple stopped us to ask where we picked up the cheese ball. You know they were probably wanting them for the children but her husband said SHE was addicted to them, I cant blame her 😀
These babies must have come back to life because as we wrapped up our shopping experience there were three more couples that were pointing to the cart and whispering to one another about the balls. I felt so special as if I found the lost treasure that everyone wanted, but of course they can grab some for them selves, I just did not need to know about it.