I have this huge collection of recipes my maternal grandmother clipped from magazines dating back to the 1980’s and I am going to undertake a huge task…I am going to attempt to recreate the recipes, take pictures of the task, post them on this blog and then file them by creating a recipe bookbinder. 

See the three binders in the middle?

The recipes range from:
· Bread
· Mousses
· Jellies
· Cakes
· Rolls
· Candies
· Dips
· And a whole lot more, too many to list
This is just one binder

Just to give an idea of how many she clipped, to start we have 3 binders, in each binder it ranges from 10 to 30 envelopes. In those envelopes there can be 10 to 50 different clippings.
Grandma sure did like collecting ideas.

I have not baked for an extraordinarily long time and I am extremely rusty, so as far as the presentation of the final product, it will not be perfect enough to be featured on BHG, but I will surely try my best to make it mouth watering or at least presentable. Most of the food I know will be tasty and I cannot eat all of the wonderful treats by my self so any help with consumption will be greatly appreciated!!!
This is going to take a very long time so hang in there. When I have created the recipes I will create a label  “clipped recipes” on the post so you know where the collection is coming from, and you can find it faster on the right hand side of my page under the categories link. 

Ari D.W