Last night my husband and I had the great and wonderful privilege of going to a time-share presentation. Now to be honest, I really did not know what to expect, I have heard a few things here and there but never understood the inner workings on the whole presentation time. So I believe it is my duty and obligation to share with you our experience 😀
First of all when we get there, to your designated area, you go to the counter sign in and wait, wait for you “representative” to come and escort you to your table. This particular person will be with you to the very end. They put on their charm and try to become your best friend, asking you questions about your life and your weekend plans. I will say that the representative we had was upfront about the “gifts” you would receive just for attending and that by no means are they a pushy, no means no, company. I thought to myself, huh, “we’ll see!”
So we sat through our representatives spiel about all of their wonderful hotels they own and their sister hotels that you have access to, all of the wonderful locations we are able to travel to and how the point system would work. During this time all I was concerned with was- how much will all of this cost! But of course he was not authorized to give that information- go figure! Don’t forget the little questioner they ask to get some financial background info. *A pre- warning*… if you ever go to any time-share presentations, LIE, I know its not right, but Lie about your future and past travel expenses, how much you have spent on past and future travels, give them an average low number. They will use the info you give them to rope you into their scheme and back you up into a corner you will have a hard time escaping.
To be continued…