My husband and I were able to have a date without the kids, it has been a long time, and we went to the movies to watch TRON.(What a romantic movie right?) SHHH… just don’t tell the kids, they will be so maaad!We normally are not able to go on dates weekly or even monthly, I guess we need to pencil it into the calendar more often. J
Our date actually started the night before when we went to the time-share presentation, and lasted until mid afternoon when we picked the kids up from our friends’ house. The time alone was nice and sad at the same time, why you ask, well… because during our date I had ample quiet time to sit and reflect on my life, my life with my children, my husband and the future God may have in store for us. It’s not often that I have a chance to reflect on all the things in my life without the zoo of chaos occupying my every brain cell I have left for that day.
But this time I was thinking about how quickly our children have grown, and how soon they will be moving on to their own lives. Am I preparing them to be independent people who understand how to survive in this corrupt world, being able to go to God as their one and only provider and not looking for any worldly handouts? Only God knows their future, and whatever it may be, I pray that they will be on the path that He has provided for them. The journey of their life will be tough and I want to be a vital roll in their adult life and not growing to far apart.
All I know is I am sure going to miss my kids when they leave my home. The time we have together is so precious and so short; I need to make it count now!