Whew, now moving on to the next segment of the night, the group presentation room. Just in case you were not aware the time we shared with our representative was just between us and him, no one else, not until the “big man” came in to play but that is a little bit later in the night. Back to our presentation, when your representative walks you in to the room, they use a method; they guide you to your seats. If you sincerely want to sit in the back, wait until most of the other couples have walked into the room and take your time getting there, when you do, the only seats left will be in the back. We learned this the hard way. During the group presentation, they are now giving you a visual of how glorious each of the hotel properties are and how with the right amount of points you can stay there for free, but again,nothing is ever free!
After the presentation you are walking on cloud nine back to you representative, feeling excited about all the possibilities.Then enters in the ‘big man”. His job is now to reel you in because you have now become married to the idea of your dream vacation and seems now would be a good time to drop the bomb; they figure you can handle the news better. While we are gleefully looking at the big man we ask… “So… how much is it going to cost?” “Well” he said, “I see that you guys don’t spend much when you travel,so I will give you the numbers for a lower point package of 155 points and this will cost $14,000 with 10% down and $200 a month.” All of a sudden the good feeling was gone. Whoa, back the horse here, it’s going to cost how much?! We definitely could not make that happen, I mean, $200 a month on top of all our other debts, it like having another car payment which we already have 2! So we were sitting very uncomfortable in our seats at that moment, and we had to really decline that offer. Seeing that was a bit much, the big man said, ”OK,we have this other package, you only get this many points, with this much down,and $109 a month, how about that one?” Eww, still did not seem like a good idea.We are newly Financial Peace University graduates and these monthly payments will extend our debt free plan further- and that was not going to happen.Besides Dave Ramsey said that time-shares were not worth the money. What I should have told him was “Dave Ramsey said NO!” But the big man kept going on and on, I believe we may have refused him about 5 times, getting a little impatient he looked at me and said, “What do you think about this?” With all of my submissive wife charm I looked at the man and said “Sorry but my husband is the head of our home, his decision is final.” With all of the men shocked at this moment, they knew that they were fighting a loosing battle. Rude and dismissive the big man said his good byes with no eye contact dismissed us from the table and left irritated. So much for their “no means no” policy!
This was finally the end of the night, time to get what we initially came for- our gifts! But before we do that I take a trip to the ladies restroom. I see you!! As you can see I was preoccupied with taking pictures of me in the mirror. Sorry hun, to keep you waiting!
So we moved to the gift room and there was this box with lots of scratch off tickets and a spinning wheel. We were able to get one gift right off the bat for providing them with a secret word, but we had to work for our other gift. Sticking my hand in the ticket box I was hoping to get the golden ticket, the one with the BIG prize. The odds of that happening were1:115,000. Those odds were right once again, we scratched off the ticket to seethe star in which case we needed to spin the wheel… of… fortune!
We walked out that night at 11:30 pm tired, cold and hungry with our gifts that we had to fight so hard for and what ever strength we had left.
One of the things I have learned from that night is- I will never go to another time-share presentation again… ever! I am not going to presume that all time-shares are bad but for our family it is not a good investment of our money at this time of our life. Something we have learned in the past the hard way is to never do business at night, you may not be thinking clearly!