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Went to see TRON with my hubby on our date this past weekend. Our friends so generously watched ALL four of our kids while the kids spent the night at their house- what great friends! If you haven’t seen this version of TRON and like the whole fantasy meets reality this movie is for you.
We enjoyed the movie the animation, action was great, and the story line was good and sad.
*Spoil Alert*
I have never seen the original movie that came out in 1982, but what I get from it; the 1982 version is about Kevin Flynn, a video game developer’s journey into the world he created. While the newest version is about Kevin’s son Sam Flynn’s journey into finding his father and getting him out of The Grid.
Thing to point out:
-There was a clip when Sam was drinking a beer while talking to his father figure about 10 minutes into the movie, and a few instances while in The Grid.
-As for profanity, there were no major words,just a few uses of h.e-double hockey sticks and the Hoover dam.
-Indecent physical content, there is no kissing at all, Sam has his shirt off while changing also when he enters The Grid he is stripped down to his underwear and redressed by a quartet of sirens (women).
-There was a lot of action and some fantasy violence. No real humans were destroyed within The Grid because they are all computer programs, except for the Flynn’s’, they are considered ‘users’.
I truly enjoyed the movie, kept you engaged and was clean enough for my children to watch; I would definitely watch this one again.
That is about all I am going to tell you about the movie, now it is up to you watch or don’t watch the movie.
Some of this information was also taken from movie review. For a full review check out this page.