Digital image
I know that I am no longer in my in my ART 131-Photography 1, but I just wanted to share with you the many photo assignments(6) we worked on through the course of our time.
My first photo assignment was on the basis of creating a contact sheet. A contact sheet is a photographic proof showing the strips or series of your 35mm film negative on to photo paper.  Photographers use the contact sheet to see all of their images quickly on one page and from there they can decide which photo they want to enlarge.- See photo below.
Contact sheet on top and negatives below
This contact sheet belongs to Jill Greenberg (2005)
You can see how Jill made her choices on the contact sheet, so she knew which picture she wanted to enlarge.
Picture of my negatives
This was actually an in class project. Since most people did not have a 35mm SLR camera, myself included, we needed to borrow the schools collection to complete this project. We were handed the camera with anew roll of film, the teacher showed us how to reel in the film, take an accurate light reading, and maneuver the camera settings to change the aperture and shutter. We walked the grounds of the campus taking random pictures of thing and making sure we record our settings; so later the teacher can see what we were thinking about at the time of printing.
Actually the teacher wanted us to keep in mind and focus on a few aspects:
Digital image
1. Technical goal is to properly expose your film
2. Aesthetic goal is to simplify each image and avoid distracting visual elements
– I was only supposed to shoot 3-3 different subjects but I didn’t read that until now… oops!
3. Vantage points, shooting the same subject from different angles, e.g., at a low angle, high angle to the side or strait on.This way you can see how different perspectives may change the feel or look of an image.
4. Final- distance, we needed to shoot with only a 50mm lens. So you needed to be creative on how close or how far you were going to get to your image.
When our time was up we needed to unwind the film, take it out and take it home to be processed. The only people in my area that still processed film were at Walgreens. So directly after my class that’s exactly where I went, I was so excited to see my first roll of film developed.
Digital image
Picture of my negative on a light box
A picture of the picture on my contact sheet, it has a blue square around the image because this was the one chosen for our critique time
On this page are some examples of the images I took that first time around, some are digital and some are film. We were able to bring our digital cameras with us to take a picture of the exact thing that you did with the film camera so you knew right away what your image would look like, so that’s what I did. Ahh, the beauty of digital!
Digital image- this one is my favorite