Today I took another turn to change something in my life- lots of that going on lately! I joined a photography group called MCP Project 52, the reason it is called so is because you get to enter one picture a week according to the theme at that time. Any one can join at any time and you are in luck, you will not miss much, we are only on the second week of the year. Check this site out to get more information about how this works.
This is a great way to challenge your self through out the year so you do not become content on not putting your self out there, develop your skills behind the camera, learn what works best for you, your skills need time to mature. I am only saying this because I have heard this so many times before, yes it is hard to hear and do, so this time I am just going to DO!Last year (2010) I was so disappointed in my self that I did not go out and shoot pictures on a monthly basis. I was too scared and worried what other people would think of me, thinking who is this geek walking around with the camera glued to her forehead. Especially at family gatherings, sometimes they seem to be repelled by you when the camera comes out. It wasn’t until August that I somewhat got back into the groove of things, but that was to the credit of my photography class which I so thankfully enjoyed!
So what I am saying is come and join the photography a week for 52 weeks, you can either enter MCP Project 52 or Paint the Moon’s- Lets do 52, or how about both, that would keep the creative juices flowing!! They will offer a theme for each new week and you need to take a photo for that theme. You are not aloud to pull old ones out from the archives, you need to create new and fresh pictures.
I have committed myself to MCP Project 52. The photo above is my entry for this week, the theme is- Illustrate a song. My song happens to be “Candy” by Mandy Moore.
I also added this same photo in to Pioneer Woman’s food contest. Check out the links to get more info about each category.
Ari D.W