So I decided I needed more opportunities to take more pictures and I like sticking to a theme, so I joined in on Paint the Moons -Lets do 52. Her theme for this week is “togetherness” or”metal.”
I couldn’t think of any thing at that moment to go with togetherness, so I opted to go with metal. While thinking about what to take a picture of I looked over to my desk supply area and saw the paper clips.These would be considered metal right? I know these are not really an artistic product, but I went with the first thing that popped in to my head. Some times I can really over analyze things and make my circumstances very difficult. So I kept it simple this time, I think my brain is on overload at the moment!
So, I display the final product: Metal paperclips!
In this picture I used one of Paint the Moons Photoshop actions (Essentials)to make the picture pop a little bit more. I LOVE all of her actions. Check out her site, she has great stuff!
Here is a before picture with no changes (SOOC)