Procrastination is definitely not a good attribute, it just so happens to be my first language. My husband is very opposite and very generous and handy in the kitchen; he usually prepares dinner for us nightly. On occasion I my stumble into the kitchen and prepare something edible. On Thursday nights, my hubby has school, so we are left to fend for ourselves. Being the wonderful mother that I am, I wait until 6:30 to figure out what we should have for dinner, which should have already been started not to mention finished! I was having so much fun looking through all of the different pictures that were posted on Pioneer Woman’s Flickr page, especially now that she is having a food photo contest this week. 


I checked to see what we had in the fridge,looking for something quick because we are running out of time before the kids need to be in bed. Empty, all the meat is frozen and I can’t just whip up something quickly. Then I started to think about some of the pictures I saw on PW Flickr page, someone was creating a polish dish by the name of pierogies. I do not know how these babies taste but I have read they are very yummy; they somewhat reminded me of mini calzones or potstickers.
Those images gave me this bright idea of trying something new, so I am scouring for about 15min. over the multitude of cookbooks looking for a quick dough recipe I can use, something that didn’t take anytime at all to rise.  Without any luck, I resorted to searching online for recipes, still could not find something that would work. Rummaged thought he pantry once more looking for something, anything that would spark an ounce of creativity. Then I spotted it,a box… no two boxes of pizza dough, the kind that you “just add water”. (Lookout world; the next Betty Crocker is coming your way!).
I was sweating at about this time; it was almost time to call it a night and I am still fumbling around in the kitchen trying to figure out how to prepare dinner. Then I decided to prepare my own version of a mini calzone with the dough I found and some leftover pork as the filling.
My brilliant idea was finally unfolding and turning into something, in my mind, edible. While I am pulling ingredients out of thin air, my hubby called, he said his class finished early and that he should be home very soon- the question of the night… he had the audacity to ask me if I had any dinner ideas, or should he pick something up. I had to reassure him that I was indeed in the process of putting something together, it was a surprise, and I just didn’t know what the surprise was yet.
Rushing through the preparations, I came up with this:
· Left over pork- check
· Chopped onions- check
· 2 boxes of pizza dough mix- check
· Worcestershire sauce- check
· A few scoops of cream of mushroom soup-check
· String cheese, I did not have regular shredded mozzarella cheese- check
· Veggie oil spray and additional flour for dough- check, check
Put it all together and you get this, Viola!! Except for the one in the back oozing red sauce, he’s an odd ball!
Not much of a looker but it was quite tasty, and the kids didn’t kill over so I’m good.
Next time I will think of dinner preparations 10days in advance, well maybe not ten, but it’s a good back up idea.