So, because my mind is so preoccupied lately with school,homework and new daily activities I am slacking on posting anything at all. How can this happen, I need to get on the ball and at least post once, maybe twice a week, don’t you think that’s doable?
I would still like to share the weekend; I will have to sum it up in a nutshell or maybe two…
First came Saturday. Two of my older kids went to a baseball clinic with Adrian Gonzales being the main event. A few other baseball players also attended this event to teach the children some “pro” baseball tactics. We had Jerry Owens, Ted Barrett, Ian Kennedy, Matt Pagnazzi, Russ Ortiz, a few other that I do not remember their names and of course Baxter the Bobcat. My daughter was able to get signature from 6 out of 8 players signing, which wasn’t bad with only having 30 min to stand in line.
The baseball clinic was fun and I loved seeing the players outside of the playing field. Here are some of the highlights!!