Sunday we skipped church, (such bad heathens) and headed to Flagstaff to visit the snow. It takes 4 hours to drive there, but the time seemed to fly by. When we got to our location, we went straight to the snow park, yes, a snow park, where you have to pay to get in. They have slopes of different sizes, ones for the small children to get a feel for the speed and others meant for the very daring- this one had bumps. They also had port a potties, sled rentals and a concession stand for your snacking and hot chocolate needs.We spent a few hours there enjoying the wet and cold snow.
Unfortunately while there, a father lost track of his son and had the whole park looking for him, this place was a zoo, packed to the gills! Kind of reminded me of a crowded beach on a hot summer day- just with snow and mountains. The father did find the son and while heading back to the car, I saw and over heard his remark to his sons (4)… “Boys, lets not let this incident ruin the rest of our trip.” I was surprised how calmly, yet frazzled, he handled the situation, and deep down he must have been hurting and scared. Thinking back, if this happened to us, we would have dragged the kid all the way back to the car holding nothing but his earlobe. That would have shown our frustration- right?? I do not ever want to be in this situation.
Here are some pics of the park: