** Caution, graphic pictures** Parental supervision is advised!!


Just one of those days I suppose. Just finished with my first class of the day heading to my second, open the door and slice.What just happened? I felt lots of pressure and numbness, I looked at my finger and there it was, a slice and a blood blister.

I cant go into my Photoshop class with a bloody finger, need to find the first aide area quick. Ohh how numb my fingers were. I survived my second and 3rd class with a bulging finger, a bit off numbness and a writing problem.
Went to urgent care and thinking they may stitch me up, but they glued me instead, no problem, I hope. Now I am walking around feeling handicap, tetanus shot in left arm and gimpy finger on the other limb.
Dear Left hand,
I am truly sorry I did not treat you better, you were always second best and I did not appreciate you. Thank you for always staying by my side through life’s challenges. I appreciate all you have done for me these past few days, you have been put to very good use!!  😀