I love these types of clouds they are absolutely gorgeous, so large and fluffy like cotton right off the plant!! When these appear in our neck of the desert, I know we will finally have rain. Such a rare commodity here!
If you are wondering,this picture was taken with my phone using an app called retro camera. You can choose different type of retro cameras to take picture from like:
· · The Bärbl
· · The Little Orange Box
· · xolaroid2000
· · pin hOle camera
· · Fudge Can
Not quiet sure what all of these cameras do at this moment, I will have to investigate that information. Guess which camera I chose to take this picture?

This one I took while driving to school!! Meaning… I could have swerved right into the person beside me, flipped repeatedly 5 times over and over then landing in the middle of the main highway just to be slammed into by the oncoming traffic, but photography is worth it, am I right? 😀

Just kidding, I am not that reckless…Don’t worry guys I kept my eyes on the road!!