On Sunday I decided to do something useful with my boys, my husband took the oldest and youngest with him so the two middle boys were able to have some mommy time.


I bought a cookie pan for Valentines Day to make sugar cookies so the kids can pass them out in class. Aren’t they cute cut outs?
I like making sugar cookies but I do not always want to chill and roll out the dough. So I opted to use the recipe that came with the pan set.






I had the boys do all the work, although I did guide them somewhat with the measurements. They did the egg cracking, liquid measuring, dry measuring, the beating and the cookie filling, while I took the pictures.
I think something went wrong here, I don’t think the cookie dough is supposed to resemble crumbs!
Might as well get some practice before the big event arrived so we were slightly prepared just in case anything like this happens!

I think I left them in a bit too long… hmmm!
They don’t look too bad in the middle… I even tried one, I was so yummy I couldn’t even taste the burnt edges. Let them cool for about an hour and you may chip a tooth trying to eat these babies. I tossed a half eaten one that I found in the living room into the trash, and when it dropped I heard an egg shell crack. That sure is one tough cookie!!

Need to try different cookie recipe and find a good icing recipe that is no so runny. I am definitely not Betty Crocker- although I try!!
All in all it was fun putting my boys to work, they also needed some constructive amount of time away from those confounded DS.