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WOW, how crazy it has been, family members passing colds to one another, lots of homework for mom and the kids. The kids especially had an extra handful of activities the past few weeks, from book reports to plays and getting dressed up for the day.

Well, this post is not about all of that but about my first restoration, EVER!
In my photoshop class our assignment was to take 2 pictures (2nd coming soon) and restore them to the best of our knowledge from the tools the teacher has tough us.

So here is my interpretation of restoration of the first image:

This is the before image.
This is the after.

I think you can click on the image to make it larger so you can see closer the damage that needed to be corrected.

I used a combo of the patch tool (which I absolutely love), the lasso tool to select a part of an image- copy- and move to a new location. That is how I took care of the right hand side of the image. I made some color adjustments to take away some of the orange tinting and highlighted the child’s eyes to make them pop as well as fixing the red eye. I did not how ever use any actions to get my results… I wonder if that would have made some changes easier, hmm.

I know there are better ways of executing my restoration steps, but these are the steps I took to get to my final restoration.

If you have any questions as to how I made some of the changes, email me and I will answer your questions the best I can. Who knows you may even be able to give me some tips as well!