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Here is the second restoration I need to complete for my ART 100 assignment.

Click on the images to see the damage of the original image.

This one had different challenges then the first restoration because the picture was very damaged before it was scanned.

-Again with this image I made some levels adjustments and curves to add a bit more contrast and brighten the image. My teacher said to do this part first before you start restoring the image, because if you do this last, a few more problems may arise and you may spend more time restoring.

-I used the spot healing brush to clean up the black and white dots that are present.

-I used a bit of cloning in some parts like the toddlers t-shirt where the shirt line is missing on the bottom closest to the skin.

-I did use the patch tool, which truly is a very handy tool- kind of using the spot removal brush in Adobe lightroom.

-I also used the lasso tool to select an area that need to be corrected.

Here is the final image I turned in. Some areas were tricky to get perfect, with a bit more time and tweaking I could have fixed the problems. Can you tell where my problem areas are?