You know one of the age-old questions like… Nikon or Canon?Coke or Pepsi? Ford or Chevy? Which one is the better buy?! All of these products have their strengths and serve many different purposes apart from each other.
The question for today is Mac or PC! Like most people, I grew up using the all-accessible PC and that is all I knew; Mac was a foreign concept at the time. Just recently I moved to Mac because my PC died on me once again. I choose Mac because they looked cool and slick and needed a desktop that would have enough power to run all my applications without breaking a sweat. So my “PC” husband decided to get the best for me and broke down to get me the Mac.
Well, today we had a very interesting development, let me explain! Even though I enjoy working on the Mac Os system, there are some software applications that are still not compatible with the Mac, so for somethings you still need the PC. For example my professional photo labs software is still only PC compatible. So for my undergrad portraits I need to borrow my husband’s laptop. At times that can become tedious because he needs it to do homework.
Mac or PC? How about BOTH!
With VirtualBox my husband was able to download a version of windows onto my Mac- how neat is that. I can now operate through windows, then move my curser to my dock and choose a Mac program. I believe there may be other ways to hack a Mac in to a PC but this one seemed to work good for us.
What is VirtualBox you ask? Check out this description from Wikipedia.
(On a side note I am not a die-hard Mac fan or detest all PC’s, I just like the way the Mac works for me and will never have a PC again- only through a Mac interface.)