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Before image

Screen shot of layers pannel

This is my first self portrait for my ART 177 project. I attempted to use 2 different tutorial but was unable to understand completely some of the steps and my results were not the same as the tutorial showed. Then I found this tutorial and attempted this one. I do not think the results came out the same but I was able to complete all the steps and tweak it slightly.

So this is the tutorial I used here! As you can see the original tutorial had the image on the right side but because of the paper template that was used for this tutorial I decided to flip the image and make it look like a letter or a document of some type. For the self image I followed the direction but added a layer style (bevel and emboss) to give the image a little bit of a 2d effect.  I wanted to add a postage stamp on the corner of my image and I really did not want to create one from scratch, so I searched on the mighty Google and found this site. Here you can download FREE brushes that you can use in your projects. I used 2 different stamps, the one in the top corner and the agent document stamp.

Now to work on the second self portrait.