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Final image

Before image

So here is my second self-portrait. With this one I used 2 different tutorials to complete it, one for the background and another for the photo image. I could not follow the tutorial completely when it came to making the ad

justments for the girl, I tried a few different times but I was not getting it, so I went a different route. I originally wanted to make my self portrait with THIS tutorial with the photo I used for my first self portrait, but when it came to adjusting the threshold my image was either too dark and if I lightened it I would loose detail.

Layers panel of background

Layers panel of background

layers panel for comic

I used THIS tutorial for the background. I chose this one because I loved the assortment of bright colors and the 70’s feel it gave. And I used THIS tutorial for the image of my self. I really like the classic comic book effect and was trying to find a way to make the 2 different elements of the background and my photo come together. After I added the two elements together I added a textured image, which gives the overall psd a grunge look. Because I did not really want the effect on my skin I created a mask on the textured layer and painted off the texture.

I really enjoyed doing this project following the tutorials with the exception of how long it took to make all the little strips of color. If there is a faster and better way of creating color strips- please share your insight it will be greatly appreciated! 😀