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It seem like this project took some more time because I did not have any ideas on what to do or how to put them together.

So for my first project I choose to do a senior inspired announcement of photos I took last year. This one seemed so bare it took me a while fiddling around with different ideas, which still seems a little simple. I think boy announcements are a bit more challenging than girls.

My details of completion are:

  1. I created a canvas border like the video and did a bevel and emboss. The frame is also attached to the inner separations. They fused together when I created new separating lines using the marquee tool.
  2. On the left side I used a textured digital paper I purchased from Florabella.
  3. For the “class of” I used copperplate gothic font and added a drop shadow, outer glow and a bevel and emboss.
  4. For the “2010” I used bleeding cowboys font which can be downloaded for free from 1001freefonts.com. I added a drop shadow, outer glow and a bevel and emboss. Also in the characters panel I set the leading orientation to 40pts so that the #s are still touching.
  5. And the senior’s name I just used a bevel and emboss.

For the second announcement I chose to do a baby shower invite. Seems a lot easier to do something for a girl.

Here are the details:

  1. The digital paper and picture frames were purchased from Florabella.
  2. So starting from the top, the frames, I added a drop shadow and bevel and emboss.
  3. Pink damask digital paper half way down the canvas and I chose a multiply overlay.
  4. The ribbon was created using the marquee tool, dropped in color and then added a pattern overlay. I also added a bevel and emboss.
  5. The tag was created using the rectangle tool. Then I free transformed it, chose the warp toll and then brought the points in to warp the edges. Added a drop shadow, pattern overlay, and a stroke.
  6. With the bottom half I used orange stripe paper, dropped the opacity so it was not so bright, created a box with the marquee tool and jumped it to a new layer and added a stroke to the jumped layer.
  7. The stamp was created from a selection of the pink damask paper at the top. I duplicated this layer and changed the mode to multiply to make it more contrasted and then I added a bevel and emboss.
  8. Then added the text-using calamity jane and chopin script from 1001freefonts.com.

For the postcard I chose Scotland because I really, really want to visit sometime. When I did a search for pictures of Scotland I found so many beautiful castle image and decided I wanted to add that aspect into the postcard. And of course other elements I first think of in relations to Scotland are the pubs and the bagpiper (I bet there is a real name for them).  This took some time thinking about what pictures I wanted to use as well as how to lay it out. Seems that my husband prefers this one over the others.

My details:

  1. Starting from the top I used a chunky font so I can inlay the pictures into the font. The word Scotland has castle images inlayed into the letters. Added a drop shadow and bevel and emboss.
  2. The frame was created the same way as the senior video and I added an extra piece to the frame using the marquee tool. I added the taupe digital paper in all the frames and the background for “Scotland”.
  3. Created the picture frames with the marquee tool and duplicated the effects from the large frame.
  4. And the strip was created the same way as the picture frames.
  5. All photos used for the postcard were all taken from the web.