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OK, so this project was a little bit difficult. Finding something weird or quirky took me some time to think of and I still think the advertisement could have been stronger. I did the best I could with the time and imagination I had available this week.

So here it is w/ the layers!

My inspiration came from a dream I had last week- I dreamt my mother had a salami bush in her front yard and it was time to pick off the “fruit”. I don’t know where these dreams come from, but they get weird sometimes!

I created this advertisement 3 fold. First I created the salami w/ the husk, I contemplated using a tree or an arched trellis to hang the salami on but then I thought about using corn husks. I also created the seed packet separately- which I used an early 1900’s seed packet as my inspiration, and then the final advertisement to combine it all together. Here are the images I used:

All pictures used came from Google except for the corn field picture.

Details for the salami husk:

  1. I found a picture of salami w/out the wrapper- selected the one I wanted to use and with it still selected I created a layer of just my selection.
  2. Found a corn with a nice husk around it- selected the corn and deleted it. Added the salami to the husk and did some touch ups to make it look like it should belong.


Seed packet details:

  1. Created a new workspace and added the digital paper I used for my first self-portrait except I only used a corner of it.
  2. Copied the salami husk into a new workspace and duplicated it. The duplicated copy I turned into multiply and minimized the opacity so it wasn’t so dark.
  3. Did that again for the second salami husk. I also enlarged and tilted both the husks.
  4. Added a bit of a drop shadow and inner shadow and grain to the salami husks to make them look older
  5. Then added the text of course J Used some free fonts from dafont.com
  6. Copied the background layer to the top and then overlaid it and dropped the opacity.

Final advertisement details:

  1. Used a picture I took of a cornfield as the background.
  2. Copied over the seed packet, added a stroke and drop shadow to both.
  3. Created a clipping mask with the salami picture in the top text and no it’s not a gradient.
  4. Added the picture of the salami growing in the field to make it seem somewhat believable.
  5. And added text. Added a drop shadow, bevel and emboss and a stroke. I didn’t know what to say so it’s pretty bare.