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So this week was extremely difficult for me, I don’t believe that typography is my thing. I do although really enjoy seeing other designers tutorials and creations.

I will post all the projects I did, but the first one is my “typography art piece” for this class.

I will also add the url links I used for the projects and add the pictures I used from the web.

Here we go:

#1. I got my template from a picture I took and wanted to recreate the fruit loops in words but that would have taken forever, so I changed that part. Instead of a bowl of cereal I did a plate of peas.

I also wanted to try to create my photo with words like this link, but I did not know how.

Here is my pic

#2. I used this tutorial for this project, changed a few things and added a brush as a border.

#3. I created this project for my boys bedroom, I did not use a tutorial. The font is “transformers” from dafont.com.

Layers panel

This is what it looked like before I placed the paper over all the layers.

#4. Created the stamp, thought it was neat and learned something new. I used this tutorial, but used my own photo for the “grunge”.

#5.This one is supposed to kind of look like a stitch pillow. I did not save this project when I first created it and then Photoshop crashed on me. I lost everything I did, took me about 2 hours trying to figure out how to follow the tutorial. Then when I went to recreate this it only took me 10 min. Boy, did I learn my lesson!!! ALWAYS SAVE YOUR WORK!!! I used this tutorial to complete this project. And I used this picture for the ribbon on this page.