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I am not much of a hand drawer so my Fine art piece shows my abilities. I also did not give myself enough time to work on this weeks assignment… lesson learned!

For my custom brush I used a self-portrait image from the first project, then created 4 colored boxes and applied the brush in an opposing color to get the effect seen. I was trying to mimic something I have seen before but I could not find anything close to what I was doing on the web for reference. My husband said this version was interesting but creepy. Does anyone have a link that I can reference to create something similar, it would be neat to make one of the kids for their rooms.

*UPDATE* OK, so after I posted this I went searching and searching and… well, I found a link to what I was looking for if anyone is interested. Click Pop Art

Here is the final:

Image used:

Before image

For the fine art, I used only brushes and tweaked the final image a bit. I was debating downloading CS5 to use the mixer brushes because that looked like it was a bit easier.

Here is final:

Image used: