Our family celebrated a late Christmas with friends of ours at the beginning of the year. Of course we had a gift exchange and each of our children got a container with this weird thing in it. I had only seen these once before and didn’t give them a second thought.

Our kids on the other hand knew exactly what they were and ripped the container open as quickly as they could. While these electronic creatures were twirling on the floor our friends informed us that these creatures(hexbugs) have their own little habitats that they can interact with. That of course peaked all of our attention and got the kids thinking about what they can do with their Christmas money.

So the following day guess what we did… yup, we went to the store to purchase a habitat for each of the children. So far I have seen these hexbugs at Target and Wal-Mart and online at amazon. The ones that seem to be most popular are the nano hexbugs which are the ones our kids got plus they have little habitats unlike the other hexbugs. They run on little watch batteries and may last a while but in our house the poor guys were dead the first day (they are mildly entertaining to watch).

Some really cool facts:

-They are safe for ages 3 and up

-Some of them glow in the dark

-They capture your attention like watching fire burn

-You can purchase cool little habitats that all link together

-You can watch them battle

-Its the only bug I will allow in this house

The kids bought 2 of these:

One of this set:

And one of this set:

They put them all together and made this track:

There is also a really cool zip line:

Guess what on my kids birthday wish list…