Well let me just start by saying that photographing weddings scare me! Just had to share that with you… I love looking at photographs taken at weddings but somehow what I envision just does not seem to make its way to the other side. With that being said I was asked by a friend from school if I would be willing to photograph her daughter’s wedding.

At first I was freaking out but she calmed me down, just a tiny bit, about it being a very low-key wedding. So I agreed- it so hard not to say no sometimes 🙂 I photographed the night in three different sections or at least that’s how I split it: per-ceremony, ceremony/ reception and of course… the photo booth- had to add that in there. The ceremony went by so fast; I just jumped right in and started shooting away.

This couple had about, I believe, 1 month to prepare for the wedding and everything came together nicely- Congrats to you guys!

There are so many pictures to choose from so let me share some of my favorites with you from the celebration: