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Now that my fall semester is completed, I can and have been able to use my blog for blogging purposes again. I have reserved this blog for my ART 177 computer photographic imaging, which is Photoshop 1 for he past 4 months. I will have to say those last 4 months were easy to begin but toward the last few months it was extremely difficult. Taking an online math class was exacerbating! I do not by any means EVER recommend anyone taking an online math class. I still shudder thinking about it… ugh.

I am now going to back track and show my project I had in my digital photography class. The first project was taking pictures of a particular area as if we are going to document it and present it in a magazine. We needed to be able to take photos at different times of the day like for example morning, noon and night. I chose to document a park around my neighborhood since I live in the boondoggles and there are not many interesting architecture around here.

We needed to create a digital contact sheet through Adobe Bridge, which was the first time I used bridge and it was not very difficult at all.

I’ll show you what the contact sheet looks like when put together. You can save it as a .jpg or a .pdf, add page numbers, add copyright info on each image, and add your name to the top page, plus a lot more but these are the basics I did.

Click on this to see an example of the pdf format (evening).

And here are some other image I chose.