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Today we made homemade paint out of ordinary house hold products. I found it on Pinterest. {If you do not know what Pinterest is, check out my “follow me on Pinterest” button on the side to give you a small idea of what it is.} The main idea for the paint came from “Delaware county moms” Click on the link to get the full post.

When making the paint you need to mix equal parts of:



warm water

I mixed 1/2 cup of each and as you can see in the first picture the paint did not fill the container.

Making the paint was very simple and fun and my 3-year-old made it while the others enjoyed painting with them. You can squirt the paint onto the paper (I used card stock) to create the puffy look or you can spread it with a brush to even out the paint.


I very much preferred the puffy look. When dried it will still be puffy.