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This was our final project for the semester and we were to photograph a series. This may include pictures of a common theme, like hands, shapes or candy. Basically 4 images that correspond to one another in someway.

One example our teacher showed us from a previous student was of an old office chair that had been discarded on the side of the road. This particular student drove by this chair many times while going to school and saw how it was deteriorating. So she decided to document it in a forgotten state. Her first image was an abstract macro of the chair, by looking at the picture you could not have guessed what it was. Then on the second and third picture she included more and more of the chair and it surroundings. Until the final image she included the road the chair was next to and a passing car. Summing it all up she was showing how this chair has been abandoned on the side of that road. In this students series she was telling a story with her pictures.

In my series I wanted to do a candy theme. My ideas ranged from photographing pezz dispensers, gumball machine, m&m’s, candy canes and chocolate peppermint bark. I tried a few of these ideas but they were really not working together. So I decided to incorporate “food” and candy together to make it more like food photography.

The common theme here is chocolate and I tried to keep a similar color scheme with the reds and greens. For the background I used wrapping paper in the 1st and 2nd image. My teacher mentioned that as a “series”, the last photo did not quite go because it is portraying a message, he may think that the other pictures may have a hidden message as well. Which I totally agree but I suppose I was not thinking about that when I was putting the pictures together.

Here are the 4 images I choose as my final selects: