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School starts up again today…yay! Can you see my excitement?! Normally I would be extremely excited but last semester left a very bad taste in my mouth and now I am extremely apprehensive to continue. Plus I have found a new desire and that is called Pinterest! I have been creating new projects and cooking more now because of it. I didn’t realize how uncreative I have been with out Pinterest in my life.

Pinterest.Pinterest.Pinterest… ah, just got to love it! Thanks Melissa for making me an addict!!

Anyway, this semester I am only taking two classes. Who cares if it takes me 10 years to complete school, I am enjoying my time learning and am still part of my families lives. Seriously… last semester I was so disconnected from my family I felt like I just ate and slept in my house. I was drowning in homework I could not concentrate on anything else let alone any leisure activities. Ugh… just thinking about it makes me shudder. My family comes first, not school! My time with them is so short and fragile!

So now we start school again and my first class for this semester is ART 111, drawing. I don’t know how to draw, shade, or keep things in perceptive so this will be an interesting semester.

Here is my classroom, took a snapshot before students started arriving.

The instructor placed some images on a table in the middle of the class and told us to draw what we see. He was doing this exercise to see where we currently are, here is the first image I drew. Lets compare this first image to the last image at the end of the semester.