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Didn’t do anything spectacular today but I did make these yummy, delectable, delicious and extremely scrumptious cinnamon rolls, Courtesy of the Pioneer Woman.

I attempted to make Caramel Apple Sticky Buns just with out the apples because my husband does not like fruit in his food. I followed the directions completely until the end when you were supposed to separate the dough and make basically two batches. I decided, hey why not just make a pan worth of cinnamon rolls. So I added the caramel to the bottom of the pan, just like the directions, added all the rolls, baked them, and then let them cool in the pan.

That was the biggest mistake ever! The caramel solidified at the bottom of the pan and so did the rolls. I was supposed to turn the pan of rolls over onto a plate (this is why you separate the dough) while the caramel was hot. Therefore the caramel becomes the topping, and you do not find yourself chiseling the rolls out of the pan!

How else are you supposed to learn if you don’t follow the directions 😀

Next time I am opting out of the sticky buns and doing regular cinnamon rolls.