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Sat. in class we learned about perspective and vanishing points, 1 point and two point perspective. The teacher threw a lot of new concepts at us that to some, may be old news but to beginners like me it took some time to register.

This is what we went over, I know I am not going to remember the uses for each but I will show you what we did.

1 point  perspective. The teacher wanted us to create cactus and keep them into perspective. The cactus should be the same height from the foreground of the image to the center where the vanishing point would, well… vanish. We also needed to mirror the cactus on one side to transfer to the other keeping the proportions the same.

2 point perspective. Creating boxes at different eye levels (a.k.a vanishing points), bellow, at and above eye level.


Using 2 point perspective we needed to create a truck, here is my mini truck:

And then, using two point perspective we needed to create a box. Placed a line in the drawing which was supposed to act as a light pole. We needed to to determine the distance and the length of the shadow the box was casting. This took some time to understand but I believe I did it correctly.

Then we needed to draw this ball with shading and highlights…

This is what I came up with… 😀

Still needs some work!!!