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I took a picture of the naturally scented play dough we made today and using it as my 365 photo.

I got the idea off pinterest which is linked to {this blog}.

The play dough is very easy to make and only takes a matter of 10 min max from start to finish. You use basic baking ingredients, natural spices, extracts and tea infused water. Just follow the basic recipe on the blog to make the play dough and then depending on the “flavor” you desire you replace different ingredients. The scents we made from top to bottom are:

{Pink- strawberry peppermint.} We used peppermint tea and then added strawberry extract and red Wilton gel dye.

{Cream- vanilla honey.} I wanted to make the sugar cookie flavor but did not have the correct tea so we used honey vanilla chamomile tea instead and added vanilla extract and cinnamon. This is my sons favorite blend.

{Tan- cinnamon apple spice.} Used cinnamon apple spice tea and added a few extra spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. This one smells really yummy kind of like hot apple cider.

{Brown- hot chocolate} This one happens to be my favorite so far, it smells just like chocolate. You can indulge in the sweet goodness of chocolate without adding the extra calories. I followed the exact recipe on the blog.

(I have not seen it done, but I suppose you can make coffee “flavored” dough also)

I will definitely make more scents in the feature. So check out the blog, there are many more “flavors” to behold.