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I have been thinking lately about how to be a little more creative when I compose a picture. I would like to draw more inspiration from a few of the more elite photographer of day gone by like Alfred Stieglitz and his cloud work, Imogen Cunningham with her plant and floral work, Edward Weston with his abstract and the use of shadows and of course Ansel Adams with his extremely, extensive and marvelous landscape work.

I know I will not get nearly as great as they were but hopefully through their legacy I may be able to find a small path to follow.

ISO 320~ SS 1/15~ f-stop 3.5

I normally do not take pictures of myself, in fact I run from the camera. And because of that, my family do not have many pictures of me to call on. The last time I took a self-portrait was 2 years ago for my photo 1 class, and before that… well lets just say I didn’t.

So here I am staring into the window, pondering the meaning of life 😀