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OK, I know I am posting a few days too late but I still took my pictures and need to keep my photo a day alive… even if I do not post everyday.

So to take us back to Sun. the 5th; Super Bowl Sunday to be exact. This was a fun and crazy day. To start it off my sweet, adorable, and plush baby nephew was dedicated at his church.

Isn’t he just so darn cuuute!? Almost makes me want to have another one… ha, almost.  I will just borrow him a few times ;D

OH, LOOOK at those eyes, they are calling me in. Baby’s are so cute when they are at this stage of life, barley crawling and just learning to sit.

The rest of the day had some hiccups; my father in-law went on the roof to fix the antenna so we (or they) could watch the game. The ladder was about 1 1/2 feet below the roof, so going up was fine, it was coming down where it got interesting. Lets just say it was a little scary watching him come down.

Then just before the game started, my sis- in-laws two dogs just nearly killed each other, it took like 10 min. to break the two up. My bro-in-law was punching the dog, hosing the dogs didn’t work, finally he had to nearly choke the “bull” to release its grip on the other dog.  I am so afraid of large dogs, just watching him in the middle trying to break up the two dogs gave me nightmare.

When that drama subsided, we were on to the game and as you know the N.Y. Giants won. Only one family member rooted for the Giants.