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I know we have put “Valentines day” behind us, but unfortunately my sons class has not been able to celebrate.

I wanted to share with you quickly the valentine we made for him. If you feel so inclined, I will show you how we made this.

– First I used this template from I heart faces. I really wanted to be able to use this template but I could not find it as a .psd format. So I had to improvise and used the first template.

– So I cleared the hearts because it was too girly for my son

– Made the right hand side all one color matching the red

– I wanted a guitar, so I did a Google search and found this .psd from Mahdi El Hanafi (absolutely awesome)

– Added the guitar to the image and then added a drop shadow behind the guitar

– The font used for “You Rock” is “barber shop”

– Inserted a picture of my son on the left

– You can also add your child’s name in the corner so they do not do it by hand

– Created a separate page in Photoshop and copied multiple invites on one page. Arranged them so I could have 5 on one page.

– And lastly printed on white card stock

That’s pretty much it. I know it’s not really original but its better than purchasing the invites from the store, makes it more personal 😀

You can staple fun-dip or bagged candy on the back or tape something on the front.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for letting me share 😀