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I have been MIA for quite some time now. In the past, my absence was due to 3 children’s school projects including homework assignment, personal homework and time with family. Seemed like the big crunch before spring break.

Presently, math has CONSUMED my life… encompassing homework, studying, taking notes, and tutor time. Unfortunately I have a one-track mind and cannot multi task very well, so my photography, blogging and Pintrest have been placed on the back burner. Counting down the days, only 11 more classes and 2 more test to go before I complete this math course!  YAY!!

I do intend to come back to this blog in the future but unfortunately my project 365 + 1 has been sabotaged for this year. 😦

On the flip side, next week, one of the photos I took in my photography class last semester will be added to the student art show on campus. That’s a bit exciting right??

Well, if I am not back in time, I wish you all a very fond HAPPY EASTER!!

Take care of yourselves,


This is the image that will be entered into the student art show.