Wish I could posses an incline of the talent set forth by Ansel Adams! Boy do I have a looong way to go!

I love photography and everything that goes with it, from composing an image in your mind, applying it through your viewfinder, taking the shot and then developing your image through the dark room or digitally- both areas I find so intriguing.

I am a SAHM of four kids and I am currently attending college to get an Associates of Applied Science degree in digital photography, although I will be here for about 5 years or more, I am enjoying the learning process. Check out my “school” page to see why I am going back to college.

I have started this blog so I may share with you some of my findings whether it be photography, Photoshop related or just for fun! And also to meet new people because I don’t get out much. 😉

I am also attempting for the first time, a project 365, taking a photo a day. While I may take the photo every day, I may not be able to post the same day. Sometimes you will see me post 3 or 4 post in one day to catch up. So bear with me if you see this 😀 I also hope to be able to grow with understanding of photography, composing, lighting and, well… pretty much the basics.

I like to dabble with textures, macro, fake tilt-shift (I would looove to get a real tilt-shift lens- maybe one of these years), abstract, sometimes food photography, some landscape and would love to try HDR. You will see a bit of everything I suppose.

I hope you can tag along with me while I “TRY” to blog my way through this sometimes chaotic journey.

Talk to you soon,



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Samantha Farina said:

    Samantha and I are so excited that you did the photos for her wedding!!! Thank you so much!!

  2. fivereflections said:

    hello – i’ll tag along

    David in Maine USA

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