I have decided to go back to school and actually get a college degree, my course of study, Associates in Applied Science in Digital Arts with an emphasis in Digital Photography- what a mouth full. When I was a young pup I thought I was totally cool and did not need to finish high school or waste my precious time learning so I dropped out. And now, eleven years later, I completely regret ever making that decision, if I knew then what I know now, I would have chosen a different group of kids to be a part of and would have stuck through it until the end, I would have been able to walk with my class of Y2K and would have made history. How many people can say they graduated the start of a new millennium? 😀 Although I did get my GED in 2001, its just not the same not being able to walk the platform with my cap and gown. My life lesson… don’t drop out of school, always do your best even if you may think things are getting to hard and do not be too proud to seek help with you school work.

So now with all my guilt, four kids later and a husband I am making the plunge. I know going back to school will be tough, needing to take care of a home, doing homework with 3 kids as well as working my own, not including my husband is also going to school. We are busy, busy, busy! At the rate I am going I will complete my associates in about, umm… five years, yes, I did say FIVE! Seems like forever!

I created this page to keep you updated and share my college experiences with you, my likes, dislikes, troubles, new knowledge and enjoyments. So stick around, this will be a looong journey, but so totally worth it!

Ari D.W

These are the classes I have taken thus far, check out the category section at the bottom of my home page to get more info on the different classes like projects, reports or new and interesting facts:

Fall 2010

  • ENG 101- Glad this one is over
  • ART 131- Photography 1, I really enjoyed the class and did not want it to end 😦

Spring 2011

  • MAT 82- Basic math, I learned so much from this class- I feel smart now
  • ART 100- Intro to computer graphic art, loved this class it went by too fast
  • ARH 115- History of Photography, I enjoyed EVERY story the teacher gave about all the photographers!

(Spring 2011) I took Photography History (ARH115) and I get excited every time I am in that class, I don’t understand how others may find it boring, I loved all the stories my teacher had to share. She has met Ansel Adams and worked with him also.

Fall 2011

  • MAT 092- Intro to algebra, online, need to keep moving forward, I’m scared…
  • MAT 108- This is only a tutored math group, this should help a bit
  • ART 142- Intro to digital photography, can’t wait for this class
  • ART 177- Computer photographic imaging, Photoshop 1 here I come!

Spring 2012

  • ART 111- Drawing 1, we’ll see how this semester will go and grow
  • MAT 120- Intermediate algebra, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…




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